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Book cover of Jeneva Stone's MONSTER


Monster is an exploration in poetry and lyric prose of the effects genetic variation has had upon her family, especially her son Robert. Humanity's genetic fabric is monstrous--purposefully shape-shifting and awesome in its effects as it fulfills its evolutionary purpose, to make each of us different, diverse, unique.

MONSTER was issued in 2016 by Phoenicia Publishing, an independent press based in Montreal. Phoenicia "is interested in words and images that illuminate culture, spirit, and the human experience. 

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Praise for MONSTER

A Middlebury Magazine Fall 2017 editors' pick, "Weaving poetry, essays, and stories in a moving and intelligent voice, Jeneva Burroughs Stone ’86 draws us in to the difficult yet poignant life she has taking care of her disabled son. Part meditation, part intellectual observation, and full of love, her story not only reflects what it means to be family but what it means to be human."

Eleanor Wilner (Tourist in Hell, 2010, & six other books; MacArthur Fellowship, 1991): 

"Interpreter of 'the kid behind the curtain of my voice,' the passionate intellect of Jeneva Stone drives these mesmerizing reflections--memoir, meditation, original creation--when 'what happens breaks covenant with every explanation in its path,' as she watches 'a world shatter like ice.' These pages astonish with their continual inquiry, their candor, their sophisticated knowledge of science and literature, their metaphoric accrual of meanings--astonishing, the forms that love and brilliance can conjure out of chaos."

Sarah Manguso (Ongoingness, 2015; The Two Kinds of Decay, 2008; Joseph Brodsky Rome Prize Fellowship, 2007):

"Stone begins, 'I fear love will be the force that breaks me.' It is, and it does, and she shows us what it is like to continue after that breakage. Her roving mind processes scientific research, the work of other writers, and the events of her days, and makes of these raw materials a 'monstrous' book of verse and prose, a testament to broken continuance. Everyone who is interested in life should bear witness to Stone's searching and scrupulous report on her son, sentenced by a genetic mutation to a life of extreme constraint, a life of almost pure being. It is the very definition of love."

Elizabeth Aquino (Hope for a Sea Change, 2014; "a moon, worn as if it had been a shell, blog; Who Lives Like This, podcast host):

"Jeneva Burroughs Stone's 'Monster' does what seems impossible--weaves together the threads of creating and caring for a child with significant disabilities with those of poetry, intricate intellectual observation and, above all, love and wonder for what is wrought."

Anthology Contributions by Jeneva Stone

  • “Dialogue with Gaps” (poem) in Myrrh, Mothwing, Smoke: Erotic Poems, ed. Marie Gauthier and Jeffrey Levine, Tupelo Press, 2013  
  • “The Wilderness” and “Rte. 125” (personal essays) in Orphan Diseases in the Age of Health 2.0, ed. Rajeev Bali, L. Bos, M. Gibbons, S. Ibell, Springer Publishers, 2013  

  • “(incantation: ekstatic)” (poem) in Words of Power, ed. Beth Adams and Dave Bonta, Phoenicia  Publishing, 2010    

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