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Literary Essays




  • Radio Silence,” Tupelo Quarterly, issue 4 (TQ4), July 2014  

  • “Our Bodies Are Our Temples,” EDNA, a publication of the Millay Colony for the Arts, Issue 4, 2013  

  • Jove’s Fierce Girl,” HER KIND, a literary community powered by VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, June 11, 2013


  • “The Brain as Variation (or a Theme),” Poetry International (UCSD), no. 18/19, 2013 


  • “Winter Kept Us Warm,” Colorado Review, Fall/Winter 2011  


Op-Eds & Advocacy

  • Disability & Caregiving,” part of “Writers Resist: In Pursuit of Wild Hope” in Literary Hub, January 13, 2017  




  • Introductory Letter, Education Issue, Pentimento: A Journal of All Things Disability,  Winter 2015 – 2016 



Interviews & Reviews




  • “Nature of Art, Nature of Life,” review of Lisa Williams’ Woman Reading to the Sea, Poet  Lore, Fall/Winter 2008

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  • Busily Seeking ... Continual Change: on being a writer & raising a disabled child with an undiagnosed illness. ( Creative Commons copyright.